Rise of Food Halls – Houston

All the buzz the last couple of years in the hospitality business has been the “food halls.” Just type “food halls” into Google search and you will be hit with over 2,600,000 results. Not bad.

Texas first food halls – Houston

If you haven’t checked out Texas’ first food halls, come and see what all the fuss is about. Located within the Conservatory – Underground Beer Garden and Food Hall are four unique food vendors. Myth Kafe, of course, offering freshly prepared Greek cuisine, the best Greek Food in Houston. There are 3 other vendors that have awesome selections as well. The Conservatory Underground Beer Garden has 60 beers on tap; it’s a hard choice, but the staff will let you sample the beers until you find the one that’s perfect for your¬†occasion.

Come check us out.

myth kafe gyro and fries - best greek food in houston
myth kafe gyro and fries – best greek food in houston

Watch a short clip of our chef preparing for Euro2016

Lamb – Myth Kafe


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