Catering Menu


Things to share (or not)

Big Village/Little Village Traditional village salad, or horiatiki, with fresh tomato, cucumber, red onion, Kalamata olives, green bell pepper, & topped with Greek olive oil & a generous slab of feta cheese. (No Lettuce.)
Lg. 12.5 / Sm. 8.5

Tzatziki (V) A creamy dish of yogurt, dill, garlic, cucumber, & olive oil served with toasted pita.
Lg. 7.25 / Sm. 3.25

Hummus (V) Savory, mashed chickpeas with garlic & olive oil, served with toasted pita.
Lg. 7.25 / Sm. 3.25

Mystic Potatoes (V) Lemon, mustard, & rosemary potatoes cooked in the oven & served warm.

Mezze Platter (V) An assortment of hummus, tzatziki, olives, a generous portion of feta & toasted pita to enjoy with friends (2-4 people).

Feta (V) Generous portion of Greek feta, drizzled with olive oil & sprinkled with oregano. Served with toasted pita.

Things in a pita

served with a side of Yanni’s Oregani fries
(fries with oregano, salt, & pipperi)
pita: 1 per piece     tzatziki: 2.5     hummus: 2.5     feta: 2.5     olives: 2.5     sliced gyro meat: 3     grilled chicken: 3     sliced lamb: 5

Arnaki – Juicy shavings of marinated lamb with fresh onion, tomato, & tzatziki wrapped in toasted pita. 

Hero Gyro – Tender, seasoned beef with fresh onion, tomato, & tzatziki in toasted pita.

Kalliroe – Grilled chicken, sauteed spinach, mushrooms, grilled onions and hummus in a toasted pita.

Orpheus – Marinated chicken slices of chicken breast onion, tomato, and tzatziki,in toasted pita.

Medusa – (V) Marinated and grilled veggies, topped with grilled onions and tzatziki in toasted pita.

Persephone – (V) Our “Little Village” including mounds of our fresh feta in toasted pita.

Substitutes for fries: mystic potatoes, 3    small village salad, 3

The diogenes bowl

Choose one:                                         +            Put it on top of:               +            Top with:
Gyro meat (beef)                                                  Rizi (Greek rice)                             Tomatoes
Grilled chicken                                                               or                                            Onions
Marinated lamb ($1.50)                                    Yanni’s Oregani Fries                      Tzatziki
Marinated vegetables (+1.00)

Diogenes Bowl – 5.5

Ask about Dessert

Made from scratch. Dessert options change according to what our chef is feeling. What can we say? He’s Greek.

Greek / Euro waters & Sodas

Epsa Gazoza (sparkling) 3          Mountain Tea 3           Coke, Diet Coke, & Dr. Pepper 2.00
Epsa Orange 3                              Souroti Water 25ml 3               Bottled Water 1.50
Epsa Lemon                               Souroti Water 75ml 4.5
Epsa Sour Cherry 3                      San Pellegrino (Orange & Lemon) 2.75