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The Modern Greek word, “steki” means a neighborhood hangout where the patrons are treated like family. Myth Kafe was created to provide the workers and residents of downtown Houston a place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal made acccording to the Mediterranean tradition of good health and hospitality. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and authenticity in our cooking. We don’t believe in shortcuts or cheap substitutes for the real deal.

As we like to take our time and do things right, we also expect you to take your time and enjoy your meal, the ambience, and some good conversation.
We also understand that sometimes, you really do just want to be in your own environment, and are happy to offer delivery service to our neighbors.

However you try us, we appreciate that you’ve chosen to support a small, family-owned and operated business that values quality and community. Thank you.

More about us…

George, Harry, and Paige, the creators of Myth Kafe, all lived and worked in Athens, Greece, and are varying levels of Greek:

Harry is 100% Greek.

George is Greek/French, or “Freek”

Paige is Greek by proxy, having lived in Greece, being married to George, and having the benefit of being immersed in the Greek community of Houston.

The three met in Athens while working in the service industry. offering tours of the city and beyond by foot, bus, and train. When the economy crashed, Paige, a Houstonian, decided it was time to go back to Texas. George came shortly after and they got married on a sailboat. Harry went first to Jacksonville, Florida, where his father had a restaurant, but was lured to Houston by the mayor herself, which is another story. They started frequenting Greek Myth Cafe, a divey hole-in-the-wall with very genuine Greek food, befriending the owner, his mother and father and being the first to hear that they would soon be returning to Greece. Before common sense could get the best of them, the three realized that between them they had a great Greek cook, a fabulous French server, and a wiley Texan artist, and a shared passion for good food done right. The combination could make for a real gem of a place.

They adjusted the name to “Myth Kafe” as the letter “C” is not found in the Greek alphabet, so everywhere in Greece you see the letter “K” instead. Harry worked with Mrs. Maria, who was responsible for the cafe’s already glowing reputation as the city’s ony place to find genuine Greek food served in a taverna style atmosphere. When she and her husband flew back to Athens, Harry began to put his own magic into the food. Paige harked back to her time as a storytelling tour assistant and channeled all of her favorite symbols and characters. She painted all of the murals on the walls, designed the logo, menu, and came up with the silliest names anyone could imagine for the dishes. George did absolutely everything else, as he continues to do.

On occasion, George and Paige still plan other people’s trips to Greece. Paige works primarily in her studio at Spring Street Studios but can be found intermittenly in the cafe entertaining guests or reading someone’s Tarot cards. Harry plays “football” with the Greek soccer league and does his part to keep the espresso industry alive and well.